Carlo Scarpa ranks among the most important architects of the 20th century. His work has spanned various fields, from glass design to museum installations and restoration projects.
Even now he remains a reference point for contemporary design and is the subject of extensive study and research, with a vast international bibliography.


The Castelvecchio Museum is part of the system of the Civic Museums of Verona. Its restoration and installation were supervised by Carlo Scarpa between 1958 and 1974, under the guidance of Licisco Magagnato, the museum’s director at that time.
The Venetian master’s drawings for the majestic intervention completed at Castelvecchio are gathered in the museum in an archive named after him.


Starting with Carlo Scarpa’s drawings for the restoration and new installation of the Castelvecchio Museum, the Archives collects other original and non-original records, as well as a historical and construction site photographic collection.

“from passion
to the profession
of an architect”


A distinctive feature of the Castelvecchio Museum is that it preserves Carlo Scarpa’s drawings related to its own restoration and installation. This creates an indissoluble link between the project’s design conception and the work that continues to inspire and educate generations of young people, scholars, and enthusiasts.

Archivio Carlo Scarpa

“Nulla dies
sine linea”

“Ecco questo è l’imperativo categorico vostro. Dovete formularlo al mattino […] pensate solo con la matita in mano, la gomma, la carta.”

C. Scarpa, 1975


New website and new features for the online archive

The Carlo Scarpa Archive of the Museo of Castelvecchio in Verona participated for the first time in Archivissima, a national festival dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of archival heritage, which this year took place from 6 to 9 June 2024. It was chosen to…

presentazione del libro di Richard Murphy, Rivisitando Carlo Scarpa e Castelvecchio 2024

Presentation of Richard Murphy’s book

29 May 2024, 17.30 Giardino del Museo di Castelvecchio The Italian version of Scottish architect Richard Murphy’s volume Rivisitando Carlo Scarpa e Castelvecchio, published by Edinburgh-based Breakfast Mission Publishing, is now available. Arriving in Verona as a…

presentazione del libro di Richard Murphy, Rivisitando Carlo Scarpa e Castelvecchio 2024

Room sheets at the Museo di of Castelvecchio

6 May 2024 On the occasion of the 14th National Architecture Archives Day 2024 dedicated to architecture and the arts, the Carlo Scarpa Archive at the Museo of Castelvecchio of the Civic Museums of Verona has prepared room sheets that have been implemented along the…

Archivio Carlo Scarpa